Emotional Healing Through Source Completion Therapy

Believing that we all suffer from at least some emotional wounds as a result of our past experiences, Dr. Robert Bleck set out to devise a recovery therapy to aid his clients in "coming to terms" with those past hurts. The result has come to be known as Source Completion Therapy™ (SCT).

Incorporating all the effective, significant psychological theories widely in use today, SCT takes us on a journey of personal exploration and emotional healing built on the theory that we can only break free of the disabling effects of our hurts if we become fully aware of their true origins, re-experience the trauma, and complete the healing process by confronting the source of the pain. The text is completed by an easy-to-use self-hypnosis script designed to bring on the state of relaxation necessary for reliving and re-experiencing the events that created our symptoms. Options for giving the pain back to its source (completing) are also offered.

Give Back The Pain has appeared on Amazon's counseling and psychotherapy best-seller list.



Dr. Bleck reveals his extraordinary skill both as a clinician and a writer, in this gripping account of the impact of childhood trauma. Give Back the Pain exposes a rawness that strikes a nerve in us all, exquisitely bringing us back to the source of our anguish in order to affect the emotional healing necessary for a more fulfilled life.

Dr. Nancy Berger, Clinical Psychologist

Dr. Bleck’s style of writing is personal… His words permit you to take a safe journey into the understanding and healing of self. A must-read and easy read for the person in all of us.

Dr. Edward Brandman, Psychologist

I absolutely loved this book! It was an informative and enlightening read, offering practical solutions to dealing with emotional pain. The author explains Source Completion Therapy in an easy way that anyone can understand. I highly recommend it!

Amazon Customer Review